Combined thumb & finger Guards


Pair of combined thumb & finger guards with choice of fastenings. Fabric aid for children to help them stop sucking their thumbs.



Price is for a pair of combined thumb and finger guard

Introducing our combined thumb & finger guard. This is our basic thumb & finger guard also known as a combi guard. This guard protects the thumb and index finger only. This combined thumb and finger guard is an aid for children who need help to stop thumb and finger sucking.

Our combined thumb guard & finger guard or combi guard is available with a choice of fastening. A velcro fastening is adjustable and a child can easily remove it and put it back on.  Being able to undo the thumb guard when they want to helps each child feel in control when it is time to stop thumb sucking. These guards are an aid for your child to use. When children require a guard that is harder to remove, such as in the case of a child having special needs, our button or stud fastenings are preferable.


Before you select a combined thumb and finger guard you will need to carefully measure your child’s index finger. Measure the index finger in inches if you can. You will need to measure from the tip of the index finger to the bend in the wrist.
This measurement is important because without careful measuring the fit will be incorrect, e.g your child’s thumb or finger may slip out of the guard.

Dispatch and delivery

We dispatch all thumb and finger guard orders within 3-5 working days unless otherwise stated. Sometimes a delay may occur due to natural events or illness. We will notify you if circumstances such as bad weather conditions prevent us from dispatching as expected. We expect delivery within New Zealand to be within a few days of dispatch. However overseas delivery can take 4-6 weeks from dispatch at busy times of the year. Overseas customers are unlikely to receive their orders in under two weeks from dispatch.

Please note we do not make licensed products. We designed the sewing pattern used to create these guards ourselves. We also use a variety of different fabrics to create our collection of guards. Our guards are not licensed products of any brand name. We do not name popular characters in our advertising. We hand make our guards in a variety of patterns. we are not affiliated with or sponsored by any organization or company.

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Additional information

Index finger size

3.5 inches, 4 inches, 4.5 inches, 4.75 inches, 5 inches, 5.25 inches, 5.5 inches, 5.75 inches

Hand and Fastening

Left hand velcro, Right hand velcro, Left hand button, Right hand button, Left hand snap, Right hand snap


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