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a brief introduction

Our fabric thumb and finger guards are primarily designed for (but not restricted to) children who are ready to stop their thumb or finger sucking habit.  Whilst the majority of children seem to naturally end such habits between the ages of 2 and 4, some children find the whole process a little more tricky. Our guards offer a comfortable,  physical reminder to children, not  to pop their thumb or fingers into their mouths.

Our thumb and finger guards may also be of benefit to babies, toddlers and children with disabilities who display signs of intense, aggressive thumb or finger sucking, where their skin is becoming painful, chapped and infected. We can also provide thumb and finger guards in adult sizes, which may assist those trying to end the nervous habit of picking the skin around their nail beds.

Our guards come in various styles including finger guards, thumb guards, combination guards (covering thumb and specified fingers) and base guards ( designed to protect the skin on the hands).

Whilst the outer coverings of our thumb guards and finger guards are made from child friendly, attractive cotton fabrics, they are lined with a soft jersey, making them comfortable to wear. Our guards are carefully stitched to ensure that all fray-able edges are enclosed between the two layers of fabric, which are then top stitched. This greatly reduces the chances of chaffing whilst prolonging the durability of the guards.

Fastening our thumb and finger guards

Our guards are available with a choice of fastenings unless otherwise stated. These fastenings include Velcro, a button or a snap. Because our thumb and finger guards are intended to be used independently by children, we have selected these options as they are more easily managed. The velcro fastening is the easiest to undo and re-fasten. The snap fastening is harder to undo and is more suited to older children.

The guards are intended to be fastened on the back of the wrist. Therefore please inform us if you require guards for the left hand.

Measuring for your thumb and finger guards

Please measure hands carefully before ordering your thumb guards or finger guards. You will need to know the length of the thumb, from the tip to the bend in the wrist for thumb guards, combi guards and base guards. For finger guards and combi guards you will also need to know the length of the longest finger to be contained in the guard, from the tip to the bend in the wrist. Please make sure you let us  know how many fingers you wish the guards to contain. If the guards are for a child, it is also helpful to know the wrist circumference and the childs age.

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Which guard best suits your child's needs?

Finger guards

For when your child needs a little help remembering not to suck their fingers, meet the finger sucking glove/guard.

Thumb guards

For when your child needs a little help remembering not to suck their thumb, meet the thumb sucking glove/guard.

Combi guards

For when your child needs a little help remembering not to suck their fingers and thumbs, meet the combi glove/guard.

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