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“We’re living in miraculous times where connections are made at the blink of an eye, the tap of a thumb, and the click of a mouse. We can never replace human interaction, but these simple actions can be powerful and meaningful to those we connect with.”  Christy Turlington

How do teeth affect speech?

How teeth affect speechHow often do any of us consider the the complexity of speech?Did you know that the position of your teeth is directly responsible for the correct articulation of language? I didn't know how teeth affect speech until I noticed that my...

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Malocclusion, what exactly does that mean?

Your dentist may use the terms ‘occlusion’ and malocclusion, when refering to the alignment your teeth. Occlusion is the word used to describe your bite. In other words, the way your teeth come together. Your dentist might say you have the ideal occlusion if, when you...

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