Turning thumb guards into fun guards!


Thumb Guards - protecting their thumbs, guarding their smiles

Help your child stop thumb sucking or finger sucking with our colourful, comfortable thumb guards and finger guards. Thumb sucking guards and finger guards help children take control and break their habit independently. To view our entire range you can also visit  https://www.etsy.com/nz/shop/FabricThumbGuardsNZ


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Time for tea -our blog

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Time for tea -our blog

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How to measure for thumb and finger guards

  1. Where possible please measure in inches as this is the value we use in our listings.
  2. If you require a button or a snap fastening, please also measure the circumference of the wrist.
  3. For thumb guards please measure the length of the thumb from the tip to the bend in the wrist.
  4. For finger guards you will need to know the length of the longest finger to be included in the pouch. Again measure from the tip of the finger to the bend in the wrist.
  5. If you need a combination guard, please measure both the thumb and the longest finger the guard will contain.
  6. If you are purchasing a base guard you should order the guard size most appropriate for your child’s age.
  7. You do not need to include space for comfort or growth. We will allow for this when making your guards.